MY mission statement

Johnny Hobbes' mission is to use music, filmmaking, and grassroots community development to advocate globally that every human being have access to their basic needs and much more. Johnny believes all people deserve the freedom to discover their passions and the opportunity to use their power to pursue paths that inspire them and serve others.


my story

Johnny Hobbes has been an avid storyteller and writer for as long as he can remember. It wasn’t until age 16 that he wrote his first rap, after being challenged to spit in a cypher during his high school days. Without realizing it, this was a turning point for him, and catalyzed his desire to pursue a career in music.

He did not pursue that career initially, however. It took him a few years to generate the courage to go all out for his dreams. He went to college, an opportunity he is very grateful for, and began to live a different life than he was destined for. The following fall, After graduating college he moved back in with his mother where he started applying for full-time work.  

With the money he was making from his part time job at the library he bought some recording equipment and used the time he wasn't working at his part time job or applying for full-time work to make music for fun. This continued for a few months until December of 2009 he realized he had to change course in his life.

Fast forward to today and he’s been busy merging his social commentary and inward reflections into his signature brand of transcendental hip hop music. While he has a penchant for provoking dialogue about introspective themes and subject areas - in no way, does he disregard the power of a compelling hook. As a result, his music retains the perfect balance of being thought provoking AND undeniably catchy and memorable.

Currently residing in the birthplace of hip hop, the South Bronx, Johnny Hobbes is making waves in the New York hip hop scene. His music can be described as a harmonious blend of raw, spiritual poetry with emotionally-charged melodies and dynamic beat-work. His rhyme schemes are inspired by the multisyllabic lyricists of the 90s, his flows are melodic and syncopated and his musicianship his constantly evolving and reflective of the diverse upbringing. 

As an artist, he is deeply inspired by Pan Africanism and Eastern Philosophy. Through the authenticity and vulnerability of his music he seeks to inspire people to find their own power to improve their lives and the lives of those around them.

Johnny Hobbes spent the majority of his childhood in multiple cities across the United States while also living overseas in later years. The environments and cultures of New York, NY, Amherst, MA, Nashville, TN, and Detroit and Ann Arbor, MI - are just a handful of the many avenues of America he draws his influence from. In third grade he spent his first extended stay overseas, in Accra, Ghana. It was on this trip he realized how similar human beings are, even when on different sides of the planet. He eventually went back to Africa as a man living in Kampala, Uganda in 2010. In 2007 Johnny Hobbes lived in Tokyo, Japan for year while studying in school. 

He has performed worldwide including Tokyo, Japan; Kampala, Uganda; Stockholm, Sweden; Los Angeles, California; and New York, New York.

He is an activist, who was a facilitator with the first Occupy Wall Street working group to collaborate with local activist groups outside of Occupy to take steps of civil disobedience against the stop and frisk policy in New York.

And he is an educator who has taught Literacy, Math, ESL, Sex Education, and Globalization to youth in Columbus, New York City, Kampala, Uganda, and Tokyo Japan.