by Johnny Hobbes

“Grind Beneath the Grind” refers to two grinds. The first is an inner struggle: It is my evolving personal relationship with music: from denying it as my destiny to actively choosing to pursue it as a career. 

The second is an outer struggle with literally surviving on this planet. While I may want to work on music all day to make this world a better place, that doesn’t mean the world is ready to let me. I have bills and expenses to pay, jobs to work, and a life to continue living, while continuing to pursue by dreams. 

“Grind Beneath The Grind” is the struggle of ‘you vs. yourself’ or ‘you vs the world’ to fulfill a destiny. This “hanging” between – the life you want to live – and life you’re “supposed” to live, attracted me to the “The Hanged Man” archetype. 

The Hanged Man is the 12th card in the tarot. The depiction of him hanging upside down symbolizes his suspension of judgment, worldly desires, and the constant wants of the ego. Though his suspension is rooted in spirituality, he is still a product of this world and has to maintain a balance, "dangling", with wholeness while living in a world of manufactured individual-s/ism. When you are hanging upside down you have an inverted view of what's around you. This different perspective assists you in maneuvering through the many Grinds life to offer.